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Spa/Hot Tub Closing Services

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As seasons change or if you’re planning to be away from home, it’s essential to properly close your spa or hot tub. This process, often referred to as “winterizing,” is crucial not only to protect your investment but also to ensure it’s ready for use when you return.

At Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas, we offer professional spa closing services that safeguard your hot tub during periods of non-use.

Here’s how we ensure your spa is well-protected and maintained:

1. Thorough Cleaning:

Our closing process begins with a deep clean, using a fast-acting surface cleaner that effectively removes tough water lines and grease build-up. This step is vital to prevent any long-term staining or damage to your hot tub’s surface.

2. Rinse, Vacuum, and Wipe:

After cleaning, the tub is thoroughly rinsed to remove any traces of the cleaning agent. We then vacuum out the tub to ensure no debris is left behind. A final wipe-down with a towel leaves your hot tub spotless.

3. Plumbing Line Care:

One of the most critical steps in closing a hot tub is blowing out the plumbing lines completely. This prevents water from freezing and expanding within the pipes, which can cause significant damage.

4. Draining Pumps:

All water is drained from the pumps to safeguard them against freezing temperatures. Ensuring the pumps are completely dry is essential for their longevity and proper functioning.

5. Adding Anti-Freeze:

For additional protection, especially in colder climates, we add non-toxic anti-freeze to the system. This step provides an extra layer of security against freezing temperatures that could harm your spa’s internal components.

Closing your spa or hot tub is a critical part of its maintenance, especially if you plan to be away or during the colder months.

Our professional closing services at Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas ensure that your hot tub is protected, clean, and ready for its next use. With our expert care, you can leave your home knowing your spa is in safe hands.

Heading out of town or preparing for the winter? Contact Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas for expert spa and hot tub closing services. Secure your peace of mind with our professional care.

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