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Hamptons Happiness

2024 Maintenance Agreement:

Earn Between 5-10% In Free Money When You Complete Before March 15th

Hamptons Swimming Pool Company

Save on Maintenance!

Welcoming You To 2023

Winter has arrived, however, Spring then is right around the corner. In anticipation, we have renewed our Annual Savings Program for our loyal customers.

Saving In Waves...

…gives YOU, our returning customers up to 10% in Free Money applied to your seasonal or annual maintenance expenses by filling out the form linked below before March 15th:

Go from PAYING to SAVING, when you act now

Thank you for trusting us to care for your pool. At Sparkling Pools, we take pride in our work and believe that it’s reflected in your crystal clear pool.

Now is the time to make sure everything is ready for this upcoming season. Below is our 2023 service offering. Please review and complete the agreement by clicking the button below. Once we receive your submission, we will confirm your seasonal scheduling.

Summerization Service

Make It Sparkle

Pool Summarization Service: $1,195 (+ all chemicals/salt)

First Visit:

Two Follow-Up Visits:

If initial condition of pool requires more aggressive sanitizing or the pool has unusual physical or mechanical issues, you will be notified with advice on the most prudent course of action.

Spa Summerization Service:

Additional Summerization Services:

Repair Diagnoses Rates:

Pool Checks:

Weekly Service - Keep The Sparkle

Begins After Summerization, and we...

✓ Empty skimmer baskets
✓ Remove ALL debris from pool
✓ Vaccum & Brush Pool
✓ Scrub the waterline
✓ Test & record water chemistry
✓ Treat water as needed
✓ Service filter & pool heater

Weekly pool service: $195
Weekly spa service: $ 110
Weekly pool & spa: $225

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