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SwimFit DualStream

The Dual Stream SwimFit swim spa is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and fun when you want everything! The dual-temp feature keeps you at peak performance temperature during the most vigorous low-impact workout, while the other side heats up for a soothing, post-exercise soak. Swim stationary laps for a full-body workout, row to work the upper body and arms, or jog underwater for a cardiovascular workout. Afterwards, enjoy a massage with fully-adjustable, hydrotherapy jets. Make the most of your backyard in the largest, most dynamic swim spa available!

Shell dimensions: 226″ x 93″ / 574.04 cm x 236.22 cm
Weight Full: 21,317 lbs / 9,672 kgs
Weight Empty 4,000 lbs / 1,815 kgs
Size: 19 ft
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