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Hamptons Happiness

SwimExpert AquaStream

The AquaStream SwimSpa , a 17 foot fiberglass reinforced acrylic one piece mini-pool that deliver the most flexibility, fun and benefits for the whole family. This Swimming pool has all the exercise features of the SwimStream and more, with a variable resistant swim current, thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises along with two full body massage hydrotherapy seats. The AquaStream is a family pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one providing a great training center for the individual athlete who still wants to stay in touch with their family. An AquaStream SwimExpert has everything your backyard exercise and entertainment center needs.

Shell dimensions: 210″ X 93″ / 533.40 cm X 236.22 cm
Weight Full: 22,990 lbs / 10,431 Kg
Weight Empty: 2,890 lbs / 1,311 Kg
Size: 17 ft
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