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A Guide to Essential

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Spa/Hot Tub Maintenance

In This Post We Explore:

Maintaining your spa or hot tub regularly is crucial for ensuring it remains a relaxing and healthy environment for you to unwind in. While taking care of a spa may seem complex, a consistent maintenance routine can simplify the process.

At Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas, we specialize in providing top-notch spa maintenance services, but we also believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to understand what goes into keeping their hot tubs in pristine condition.

In this article, we’ll share insights into our weekly and bi-weekly spa maintenance routine.

1. Surface Cleaning:

Each maintenance session begins with using a skim net to remove any floating debris from the water’s surface. This step ensures the water stays clear and inviting.

2. Skimmer Basket Maintenance:

For spas with a skimmer basket, we diligently empty and clean it out. This helps in removing debris that has been collected and keeps the filtration system running smoothly.

3. Waterline Cleaning:

An oil ring can form along the waterline, which we carefully remove using a specialized surface cleaner. This keeps the spa looking and feeling clean.

4. Water Chemistry Balance:

One of the most important aspects of spa maintenance is ensuring the water chemistry is balanced. We test the water for pH and sanitizer levels and adjust them as necessary. Proper water balance is key to maintaining a safe and comfortable soaking environment.

5. Filter Care:

Regular filter maintenance is vital for water clarity. We clean the filter with a spray-on filter cleanser and, when needed, a high-pressure hose, ensuring it efficiently traps contaminants.

6. Water Treatment:

To guarantee your water stays fresh and inviting, we treat it with specific chemicals. These help eliminate odors and reduce irritants, ensuring your water is always crystal clear.

7. Equipment Check:

Finally, we conduct a comprehensive test of all the equipment. This includes checking the functionality of the heater, pumps, and controls. Any issues are promptly reported to you, ensuring peace of mind.

Schedule Your Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance with the Experts at Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas

Regular spa maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your hot tub and ensuring it remains a healthy and enjoyable retreat. While these steps may seem straightforward, they require attention to detail and understanding of spa systems.

If you’d rather not worry about the nuances of spa maintenance, our team at Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas is ready to help. With our expertise, you can enjoy a perfectly maintained hot tub without the hassle.

Looking for hassle-free spa maintenance? Reach out to Harbor Hot Tubs & Saunas for expert weekly and bi-weekly maintenance services. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the details!

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